Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lalbag in January 2011

Flower show was on at Lalbag a month back. Took many pics with my mobile and my roll SLR. The roll is yet to be developed.

This was the central figure, the minaret.

Some of the exhibits

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a match sirjee

So many times the phrase "David and Goliath" has been used to indicate the fall of the mighty in the hands of the under-dog that now it sounds like a cliche. But the things happening lately in and around the world brings the phrase to the fore again.

This blog is not about how Gaddafi, Mubarak have been brought to their knees by the unarmed, unvoiced and uncared for masses. I am not a political commentator or a black swan analyst but a mere spectator (mook darshak). But something happened tonight in Bangalore that was nothing short of David felling Goliath.

When England beat Aussies in the ashes, the word was finally the inventors of cricket are staking claim to their invention. But more than the experts being proved wrong, cricket proved itself and how.

Just two days back when India snatched a tie from the jaws of, first victory, and then defeat against England, every Indian had a piece of advice for the India team. Mind you, every Indian means every Indian because if you don't talk cricket then you are not an Indian.

India touted as the favourites to win the cup had a pedestrian bowling and horrendous fielding in the match against Eng (and BD too). The tie was called a defeat for the Indian team by many; and I agreed too.

But now on hindsight, that was better than a defeat in the hands of Ireland. Just imagine, you score 326 against a team like Ireland and then you take a wicket in the first ball of the match. Lo and behold you lose the match from that point that too when the opposition is reeling at 111 for 5.

An aside to the main subject; Ireland is the same team (in the league with Holland, Kenya) about whom ICC some big shot Haroon Logat commented something not too decent sometime ago, something really unexpected from him. According to this creature these minnows make some of the matches irrelevant and uninteresting. I hope Mr Logat eats few humble pie for saying these. Proves, big designation does not translate into great foresight or greater grey matter.

If the defeat of Eng does not bring DnG story into picture then what does. The match can not be described in words, not by me at least. It was really a stupendous performance and needs a standing ovation. I felt as if suddenly Lord Shiva has himself come down to bless the Irish team. The victory was so unexpected that no other explanation comes to mind.

Last couple of words; India beware, you may be next and what a match sir jee, what a match.