Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Times Of India or The Hindu?

When The Hindu extolls us to read it rather than The Times of India does it do any wrong? I don’t know what The Hindu wrote in its headline but here is the comparative study of the headlines of the top 5 newspapers as on 31st Jan. The snippets have been provided by Rediff updates in their Daily Update section (Live! News).
Naturally, the morningers are all full of the slap that has sent reverberations through Bollywood. The Times of India has played the story on its front page, with some interesting details, read it here.
The Indian Express reports that the IIT-JEE, the entrance exam to get into the renowned IITs, is all set to go. A common aptitude-cum-advanced knowledge test will replace the IIT Joint Entrance Examination and the All India Engineering Entrance Examination in 2013. Read here.
The Hindustan Times reports that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has targeted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for not caring about her. Read here.
Mumbai Mirror reports how borrowed kidneys have brought love to four persons in Mumbai's KEM hospital. Two couples, who fell in love after a series of chance meetings while undergoing kidney transplants at the hospital, tied the knot in December and January. Here.
DNA reports that the Rane's hurt and with their Swabhiman Sanghatana, have targeted the NCP. Swabhiman will be contesting the polls in the wards given to the NCP by fielding independent candidates. The task assigned to these candidates is simple: defeat the NCP candidate. Read here.

So, you see, whereas the last 4 papers have reported news which have either a human aspect or a political but ToI reported that genre of news that we associate with a tabloid; sleazy and cheap.