Monday, January 14, 2013

Pitha at home

Today is makarsankranti a very special day for Hindus and Sikhs across the world. This is the day farmers harvest their farm produce and present a part of it as offering to Mother Nature. Some call the day as pongal, some Lohri, some Bhogali Bihu and for us Bengalis it is Pitha-parbon and Sankranti.

Since yesterday we were all geared up to do something for Sankranti and today my wifey dearest and I prepared some traditional pithas all by ourselves to mark the occasion. Last year mom and dad were here with us and gave us a crash course on how to make Pitheys. This year we tried to put that knowledge to practice.What nani used to make was the best, mom next; ours was just also ran. But by "first time experiment" standards it was great and special acknowledgement to my better half for letting me be her sous-chef in the endeavor.

For all our culinary experiments our comrades in arm are generally present besides us but they are in Kolkata right now for some extremely personal reason. We missed them so much today

Here are few pics of the pithes.

Doodh puli, Pati-sapta, sedhho pithey

Electricity played truant  so you see the candle next to plate.