Thursday, May 5, 2011

Waiting for her

She came in unannounced and stood behind me. I know every step of her; I know every breath of her. After spending so many beautiful moments together, even today my whole body tingles whenever she is around. I know why she has come here today. She has come to show me what she has worn.

I deliberately take a long time to turn around; I know this annoys her.  And when I look at her I can't believe my eyes. She is looking like an angel who has just stepped in front of me. I spend a long time gazing at her. I want to hold on to this moment for eternity. Time, space, and place everything seems to lose itself into oblivion in this moment of beauty.

With a mocking voice I tell her, "you came long back ago and now you get the time to meet me. Don't you think I have the right to see you before anyone does." She looks at me with those "I am only yours" looks and I forget everything else.

It's almost two minutes and she has not uttered a single word; so unlike of her. In her presence I lose my words or should I say, I pass on my verbal abilities to her. But today even she knows that she is dressed to kill and even a million words can’t match her beauty.

I stretch my hand to touch her. How I have spent my last 12 hours, every moment just thinking of her.

Suddenly a drop of water falls on my face and I come out of my day dream. No, she has not come today. I am missing her. The dream is lost. The moment will stretch to minutes and minutes to hours but she won’t come. It’s time for me to go. The rain has started falling hard.

I slowly pick the wilted rose from her grave and replace it with a fresh one i carried with me. She loved red roses. I will come here again tomorrow. One day she will come to meet me, and if she does not, then I’ll join her in the other world.