Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mahesh Bhatt declares, "Sanjay to walk into prison like a man"

My inferences from this statement...

  1. Sanjay would change his gender to male and only then step into prison
  2. Men are not scared of entering a prison.
  3. Till now, as a minister’s son or an MP’s brother he was a superman. Court has cut him down to size.
  4. His supporters are egging him on to go like a ‘Mard’. “Mard ki tarah Jail may jao, Hum tumharey saath hain!”
  5. Recently it was revealed that Sanjay Dutt is a man.
  6. Till now only criminals walked into prison. For the first time a man will go there.
  7. The SC judgement forced a bad son to convert to a (hu)man being.
  8. Till now Sanjay was crying like a woman but now he has to go to prison as a man.
  9. He is not a criminal but a victim of injustice.
  10. What Sanjay did was correct and he is not ashamed of it.
  11. During that time he was unmarried and hence nobody was sure of his gender but now that he is married and has multiple kids from multiple wives we can surely say he is a man. (Actually this inference is wrong. he was married with a kid).
  12. Keeping AK-56, helping underworld dons in destroying one’s country qualifies a person to be a man.
  13. Some people thought he was planning to enter prison wearing skirt and top.
  14. When he committed the crime he was a female but the judgement created hormonal imbalance and hence he will walk into jail as a man.