Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hell for a married man. Dettol style!

 As a husband, howsoever hard you may try you will never be able to win your wife's heart. Well, that is not me speaking but Dettol is claiming that in their latest ad here. I saw this ad for dish wash gel and I found it extremely irritating to say the least.

As a child growing up in a nuclear family hardly ever did I do any work to add towards the household chore, and rarely if I did, as much as filling a water bottle from the filter I would want everyone to bow and bend and acknowledge my feat. Or else I would carry a pout the whole day. That was heaven.

Heaven is also when I cook a surprise for my ‘M’ now after coming back from office and she gives me a big hug. But I really pity the Dettol husband. Bechara, he has cooked but his wife is unhappy and worried that the kitchen is in a mess. The ‘Bechara’ assures her that all dishes have been taken care of but that does not mollify the wife and now she is wondering if the dishes have been cleaned by proper detergent and this is hell for sure.

Had I been in his place I think I may have done something to myself by that time or, on second thought, maybe not. I guess getting married has a great calming effect on any guy. Thanks to Dettol for sharing the pain of husbands with nagging wives.

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